Answer: SIMAccount is a product line powered by the mWallet platform that gives the customer access to a full range of banking services through the digital channel of your mobile phone.  The current product offerings include:

  • SIMAccount to SIMAccount transfers
  • SIMAccount to MNO operators and vice versa
  • Deposits/ withdraws
  • Saving account
  • Bill payments
  • Group accounts
  • Collection and disbursement portal

Answer: Customer need to dial *150*62# and follow registration procedure then visit any CRDB Bank branch or Fahari Huduma agent with a valid ID to complete registration.

Note: Customer who have SIMBanking will acquire full registration instantly.

Answer: Anyone who has a mobile phone with an active Tigo, Vodacom, Halotel and Airtel fully-registered SIM can open SIMAccount.

  • Customer need to first initiate temporary registration by dialing *150*62# and follow registration procedures.
  • Visit any CRDB Bank branch/ Fahari Huduma Wakala with valid ID

***Driving License, Passport, Voters, National, Resident or working permit ****to complete their registration ***This is only for customers who doesn’t have SIMBanking service).

Step 1:

Dial the USSD Code *150*62# and follow the instructions to get the partial registration.

Partial registration enables you to view the SIMAccount menu. However, for transacting you will need to complete your registration process.

Step 2:

Visit the nearest CRDB Branch, Service Centre, mini-Service Centre or Fahari Huduma with your valid ID to complete your registration. You will complete a form that will be captured electronically and hence enabling you to start accessing all the services.

Note: If you have SIMBanking you will acquire full registration instantly upon registration.

Your SIMAccount number is the same as your mobile number

No bank card will be issued to you , your account is your mobile phone number and your money is technically stored in your SIMcard.

Cash deposit is done at any CRDB Bank branch and Fahari Huduma agents across the country. Visit any, fill deposit form and submit to the teller for deposit

Having SIMAccount is FREE of charge. Charges are transaction based.

  • We have 1 main m-Wallet account
  • We have 4 saving accounts,
  • up to 3 group accounts
  • Up to 3 saccos accounts
Daily transaction limit is TZS 1,000,000,debit only

Maximum holding capacity is TZS 10,000,000

3 million TZS

Yes. We have 4 saving accounts in SIMAccount and these are under option 6 in customers menu

  • Personal
  • Emergence
  • Family
  • School Fees

One need to 1st deposit in their m-Wallet account then transfer to savings account                             

One can save money for a specific purpose and put a maturity date on the same.

Yes 2% on quarterly basis, minimum amount to earn interest is 50,000

  • Dial *150*62#
  • Enter PIN
  • Choose my savings
  • Choose account name to save
  • Enter amount in TZS
  • Confirm & Send.
Minimum account balance is 0 TZS
  • Dial *160*62#
  • Choose my savings
  • Choose saving account name to set maturity date
  • Choose set maturity date
  • Enter date, month, year then submit to send
There are no charges associated with savings account
  • Dial *150*62#
  • Choose cash Transfer
  • Choose transfer to phone number
  • Enter phone number to transfer to
  • Enter amount in TZS
  • You will receive SMS confirmation for the same
  • Visit any CRDB Bank branch or Fahari Huduma agent
  • Submit to the attendant a total of 12 PIN, 6 sent by the sender and 6 received from the system
  • The agent will use cardless option on his SIMAccount agent menu to help you cash out the money/ visit any CRDB bank ATM to cash out the money use SIMAccount option menu on the ATM machine
24 hours, After that money automatically reversed to the sender.

A group account must have an admin and members who are not less than 3 and they must all register with SIMAccount.

Admin creates the group as shown below

  • Dial *150*62#
  • Enter PIN
  • Choose Group
  • Choose Form a group
  • Enter group name
  • Confirm by pressing 1 or 2 to decline

Admin is the one to invite members after group creation

  • Dial*150*62#
  • Enter PIN
  • Choose groups
  • Choose the group name
  • Choose invite members
  • Enter members SIMAccount mobile number for each member and submit.

: Receive an invitation SMS with a vote code. Use the vote code to accept or reject the invitation to the group account opening.

  • Dial*150*62#
  • Choose group
  • Choose group name
  • Choose group voting
  • Enter vote id code
  • Then accept/reject.

It cost nothing to have a group account

Yes 2% on quarterly basis when the account has 500,000 and above

Yes, dial *150*62# then option 5 groups, choose group name then group enquiries

Operating a group account is FREE of charge however transfer from personal account to group account costs 100TZS regardless of the amount transferred.